injuryThe BROSS LAW, P.C. office has handled more than 5,000 cases for clients injured all over the world. In more than 50 years as a lawyer in Newark, SHELDON BROSS has received many millions of dollars for his injured clients.

Our fee is a percentage of the money we earn for YOU!

        The following are examples of the variety of cases we have handled.

  • $1.1 Million SETTLEMENT for an infant injured during childbirth by the doctor’s and nurse’s negligence.
  • $400,000. JURY VERDICT for a woman injured with a mouth wound by a UPS truck on Rt. 80.
  • $2.7 million JURY VERDICT against NJ Transit for  negligent operation of a train causing a severe leg  injury.
  • $1 million dollar SETTLEMENT for a teenager burned and scarred in a fire caused by another teenager.
  • $200,000. SETTLEMENT for an electrician injured in a fall from a defectively designed work platform on a telephone truck.
  • $375,000. Settlement an elderly woman struck by a  NJ Transit bus on a street in Newark NJ.
  • $1 million SETTLEMENT for a worker injured by a  defective truck ladder in East Orange, NJ.
  • $225, 000. Settlement a man injured as a result of a  defectively designed Quik-Chek parking lot in  Woodbridge„ NJ.
  • $675.000. SETTLEMENT for a worker with a severe arm injury caused by a defective machine at work at a factory in Elizabeth NJ.
  • $175,000. SETTLEMENT following an auto-truck accident on Rt. 280 in Livingston NJ.
  • $600,000. SETTLEMENT during trial for the victim of a neck injury received in an accident in New York.
  • $220,000. SETTLEMENT for a college student struck by a stray bullet in Bergen County.
  • $100,000. SETTLEMENT for a broken ankle in an Automobile accident on Rt. 1 in Jersey City NJ.
  • $375,000. SETTLEMENT for a young woman who fell in a hallway on defectively designed steps in an apartment house in Newark N.J.
  • $65,000. JURY VERDICT for a woman who fell  on an icy sidewalk in Irvington, N.J.
  • $400,000. SETTLEMENT with the Newark Board of Education for a teenager injured during gym class in Newark, NJ.
  • $600,000. SETTLEMENT for a young woman injured in an auto accident in Guatemala.
  • $125,000 SETTLEMENT involving a lawyer who failed to file for his client.
  • $825,000. SETTLEMENT for a boy bitten by a dog
 The settlements and verdicts on this page are merely examples of the types of cases previously handled by this office.  We cannot guarantee a similar result in a different case. The facts in each case vary and your case may have a greater or lesser value.
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